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Kiss of change
I thought about my ex while I was drawing this. I guess that's why the guy resembles him. I miss him...hopefully we can work things out.
I posted this in a group on Facebook and didn't get any response. I wanted to draw something in the "emo" genre. I wasn't sure what to call this piece but then I realized that based on the mask it symbolizes crying for help to no avail.
Anime me with rabbit
I made this drawing for a man that has taken a liking to me.( I normally don't post sentimental art but this turned out really well.)
scene girl mermaid
I really love how this turned out. It took a lot of time but it was worth it. I might have my art instructor put it on cards.
Prince Hans inked
Still needs to be colored but I'm using a reference that I used to draw this picture. (I also need to redraw the cords on his right shoulder.)


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Vampire Blue
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United States
Wow it's been forever since I've updated this, or uploaded any art. I draw all kinds of things. My favorite color is blue and I love to read books and I also write stories occasionally. I'm a huge animal lover and have always been a dog person, and have grown up with dogs all my life. I would love to travel someday. (Particularly to Europe.) I have a bit of an "attitude" according to what people tell me. I try not to be rude to anyone but sometimes people get on my nerves. I love to be social and sometimes I like to be alone. I'm the type of person who would do anything for someone I loved, including family and friends. I would give the shirt off my back for those who are close to me but I'm also not afraid to stand up for myself and confront people for mistreating me. (In other words I have a very low tolerance for bullshit and stupidity.) I've never had a ton of friends but I'm ok with that because it's better to have a few true friends than a hundred fake friends. I would take a true friend over more friends any day of the week. I work and go to art class once a week. I love being around other artists and people who share my interests. If you have any requests let me know and I'll do my best. I'm open to art trades too. If you want to know more about me don't hesitate to ask. (I'm usually a pretty open person if the questions aren't too personal.) Ta ta for now and I hope to hear from you soon. :)

The Addams Family Stamp by dA--bogeyman Damon Cool by LS-Chan-Nad Magnus is so Hot... by jocund-slumber GymShipping Stamp by xCaligula :thumb177521481: :thumb268403837: Smoker's Stamp by punchman Love or lust? by Ramen27 Data Stamp by Lemming-Of-The-BDA Data Love by Ccarcia3stamps Data stamp by Kellatrix Ulrich Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeing An Odd Support Stamp by BelievingIsSeeing William must be feared STAMP by BelievingIsSeeing (Request) Odd X Ulrich Stamp by SoraRoyals77 APH-Ludwig stamp by Tokis APH- Germany Stamp by HidanKakuzuPsychoGal
Fuck where do I begin? Over the course of the past two months, three people have walked out of my life...the first was my "friend" Angel....I took two cigarettes from her mom's cousin's pack and Angel ratted me out and hasn't spoken to me since, and now I'm banned from their house. (Honestly it wasn't really much of a loss because she just used me for cigarettes...) Then last week I talked to my ex Paul who I hadn't spoken to in over a year...we talked for a grand total of two (maybe three???) Days ...I think he still had feelings for me because he talked dirty to me and told me what he wanted to do to me...then we talked on the phone and he ignored me the next day and said he was having doubts the day before. I finally heard from him on Facebook and he basically said he didn't love me anymore and that we wouldn't hang out anytime soon and I tried to ask why but he blocked me....I texted him later that night and told him I'll always care about him but he never replied...then a few days ago I ran into a girl I went to school with. She was working at the gas station I went to late at night. She lied to my face and said she doesn't use Facebook anymore and I asked her if she wanted my number and she said no....then earlier today I noticed that she had a new profile picture and she blocked me...

People have been walking out of my life left and right, and as if that wasn't bad enough, my boyfriend's application to leave early to come home got denied. I was supposed to see him in the middle of next month, and he applied again and if it isn't approved by August first he'll be stuck there til the end of the month. I'm so sick of dealing with the distance between us. And he has also been ignoring me a lot tonight and I am angry. I cried earlier because I miss him so much. I honestly don't know what to do least this is the last year he'll be working there.(he isn't allowed to quit either.) I tried to stay with my aunt who lives in the same state but I have no way to pay for a plane're never alone, cause life always fucks you in the end.


This is a really cool drawing! One of my favorite things about it is that you added blue streaks to his hair. This makes the piece even...

This is a really amazing photo of a fox. I love how close up this fox is. This looks like it could be made into a painting. The level o...

I love the affect of the water on this piece this makes it a really nice touch to have. How did you do this? I also really like how you...

I really like how you used two different photos of the girl, one more vivid then the last. It adds a really nice affect to the piece. T...




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