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Once the Cullens had arrived at the house, Carlisle began walking toward the stairs. "Well, if there is nothing else to be discussed, I will retire to my room." Before Carlisle had reached the stairs Edward grabbed his hand gently. At first, Carlisle was somewhat uncomfortable by this gesture, but then he looked into Edward's eyes. "Carlisle," (here he paused until he worked up the courage to continue) "...I'm here for you." Carlisle felt the sensation one would feel if they were blushing, but as a vampire, he couldn't blush. "Thank you, Edward." He said before he walked upstairs. He looked in the mirror at the very thing that he despised. His lab coat. It reminded him of Esme, because it was the reason she left him. He had mixed feelings about his job. He hated the fact that it cost him his relationship with his wife, but he also loved helping his patients. He sighed, and hung his lab coat on a coat rack. Afterwards he decided to take a warm shower. The water helped him relax as he washed his hair and body. After the shower was over he slipped into some pajamas and laid in his bed, staring at the ceiling. He knew he couldn't sleep but why not be comfortable? He thought.

The next morning he found Edward in his room, preparing for the school day. "Edward?" He called, while knocking on the door which was half way open. "Come in Carlisle." He answered, slightly annoyed. "How are things with Bella?" He asked, as he stepped into the room. Edward became angry and said" she broke up with me." "Why would she do such a thing? I thought you two were getting serious." Carlisle said. "She's dating Jacob now." Edward replied angrily. "I'm sorry to hear that Edward, she really seemed like a nice girl." Carlisle confessed. "I need to get to school. I'm going to be late." "Do you want me to drive you?" Carlisle asked. "No, I can drive myself." Edward said before he stormed out of the room and slammed the door behind him. It was then that Carlisle realized how alone they both were.
Carlisle's struggle chapter two
Part two of my fan fiction. Enjoy:)
On the cliff's edge I see your face
Looking into the moonlight, my feelings a disgrace
With the ocean below me I think of you
I see a man whose faded away you're no longer who you used to be
There are lies as far as I can see
While I loved you you loved another
I thought we were supposed to be there for each other
In the grass I see a rose
It is wilting but still somewhat alive
You loved me once, but never again will things be the same
You've changed into a monster, someone I don't recognize
In my heart I will always love you, but it's time to let you go
It seems we may cross paths but you're a stranger now
It's like I never knew you, until the monster appeared
I am locked within my mind, it is my imagination that sets me free
I have opened a book and written new chapters, on this journey we call life
Outside the birds are singing a harmony that is loved by many
The future is bright even though it is without you
There are many journeys one must take to find their reason to live
I have a purpose and I will learn it as I go along
What you did was wrong but I can forgive you
Goodbye my love
I miss who you used to be
I know it's not my best work but it's been a long time since I've written poetry.
Carlisle held his head in his hands, shaking from his sobs. He had tried to cry quietly, but Edward's superior hearing was impossible to overlook. He heard a knock on the door, and he sighed as softly as he could. (I shouldn't have cried like this.) He thought to himself. He knew in the back of his mind that Edward would hear his cries. "Come in, Edward." He said. He was unable to hide the sadness in his voice. Edward entered the office and said "Carlisle, what's wrong?" He noticed the tear stains on Carlisle's face. There was a long pause before Carlisle answered. Finally, he said "Esme left me..." Edward bolted upright in his chair. "What!? Why?!" he shouted. "She said I wasn't spending enough time with her. I've been working at the hospital a lot more than I usually have." He admitted. Edward put his hand on his father's shoulder for a moment, and then embraced him. "Would you like to take a walk with me?" He asked. "Edward, this is not the time to go hunting." "No no, I wasn't planning on hunting, I just wanted to go for a walk with you...if that's ok." Carlisle couldn't help but smile. "Alright, let's go." They went out the backdoor and walked through the forest, at the same pace a human would. The sky was light gray, as if it were about to rain but it hadn't. "It's a beautiful day isn't it?" Edward asked. "Yes, it certainly is." Carlisle replied. The walked in silence for a few moments, until Edward began to speak. "Carlisle, may I ask you a question?" "Edward, you can ask me anything." "Ok..." Edward said. He thought of what his next words would be and decided to choose them carefully. "What happened between you and Esme?" "It's a long story, Edward." "I'll try to keep up." He promised. "Well, we'd been fighting frequently, and truthfully, I did not know what to do. She thought that I was having an affair. With whom I did not know. So I decided to leave work early but it was too late. She was gone..." He admitted. "What did you do?" Edward asked. "I went to my room, and there was a note on our bed." "What did it say?" He wondered. "It said 'Carlisle, I know that you love me, but in my heart I know I must leave you. Take care of our children. Perhaps we will meet again someday.'" Carlisle stopped to sit on the bottom branch of a tree that was nearby, and began to stare at the ground. Edward sat on the ground a few feet away. The forest was quiet, aside from a few small animals running along the ground. There was a slight breeze, and it was beginning to get dark outside. Carlisle let his mind wander, and didn't notice that Edward was speaking to him. "...Carlisle?" Edward repeated. "Yes?" "Is there anything else you need to tell me?" He looked at him with concern. "No, that is all for now, Edward. I think we should go inside. It looks like we're about to have a storm." He said as he jumped down from the branch and began walking toward their home. Edward followed suit. They were walking faster than they had before.
Carlisle's struggle chapter one
This is a fanfiction about Carlisle's relationship with Edward. I will write more soon. Please tell me what you think of my story and tell me what you think needs improvement. Thank you.
Hey everyone, I want to explain why I've been depressed. There's been things going on in my personal life as well as here on DA. I feel like nobody on this site cares about me. People view my work but I rarely ever get favorites or comments on anything. I don't think I have any talent, I'm just useless. My mom says she likes my drawings but that's only because I'm her daughter. I'm horrible at digital drawings, and I can't really draw people realistically. No one ever comments on my journals either, no one ever asks if I'm ok or even says a simple "hello." I feel lonely all the time in my personal life, people barely ever text me and when I text my "friends" they barely ever text back. No one will hang out with me either. It's hard as hell for me to make friends or get a job because I'm socially awkward. I wish I didn't have to try so hard. I've been trying to get Anthony to be with me again but now I'm starting to wonder why I even try...He got with some other girl the day after we broke up, they had a break up and now he's back with her again...I can't stand her. I hate her for taking him from me.  My family hates Anthony for treating me so badly, even though he apologized to me. (We get along most of the time but it seems like talking is getting me no where.) I feel like I'm just wasting my time. I've tried for three months now to get him back but he refuses to leave that STUPID BITCH. ugh. Why do I only attract shitty guys? Nobody decent is ever interested in me. Only the losers and abusers are and by that I mean people who use me and don't care about me. (I'm not saying Anthony is one of them I'm just saying that he didn't treat me as well as he should have.) I think I just need to get the fuck out of this miserable state and go somewhere else. I don't belong here. The people here are rude and selfish. All men care about is getting laid and I'm fucking sick of it. When I won't put out they cheat on me and lie about it. Why can't I find someone who will love me unconditionally and treat me with the respect that I deserve? I don't need a "perfect man" I just need a relationship that's real. I'm tired of wasting my time on people who don't give a single fuck about me. I've been bullied all my life for being different and I've been taken advantage of by people multiple times. I wish people would be more understanding and forgiving but all they do is judge judge judge. Not only are people rude and unforgiving but they constantly bring up shit that I did in the past like mistakes I've made and stuff I'm not proud of. I'm fucking sick of it. I've changed into a better person and I'm trying to do something with my life and people don't give two shits and a fuck less that I've changed. All they do is talk shit and judge. I'm sick of all these middle aged losers taking up all the jobs. No one here is hiring except fucking mcdonald's and I really don't wanna work at fast food. It's depressing and the customers are rude. (I've heard stories from people with fast food jobs.) I just want to have a happy life, I want friends and I want to feel like I belong somewhere. I want to be invited places, I want to be welcome in someone's home. I'm tired of people blocking me on facebook for no reason. (I've been blocked by so many people that I barely ever use facebook cause I have no one left to talk to.) You wouldn't believe how long people hold a grudge. A ton of people are still mad at me for shit I did years ago! (Seriously what the fuck is wrong with the people around here?) I'm really starting to hate people. Why can't I be happy like everyone else? I want to be important to someone for once in my life. I don't even know why I try to get close to people. I just get fucked over and I'm sick of wasting my time on people who don't care about me.
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